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Are Texas family law court orders immutable and set in stone?


Texas divorces are sometimes comparatively simple affairs, of course. Some couples are wed for only a short time and do not envision any problematic or otherwise challenging issues arising in their divorce or following a marital dissolution.

Many of those impending exes did not accumulate a material amount of marital assets during their union. Perhaps they never had children, either. The bottom line with some dissolutions is that there is small likelihood that a post-divorce change to a judicial decree will ever be requested down the road.

Candidly, though, that is not always the case. In fact, such a scenario is far from the norm; Texas family law matters relevant to divorce are frequently revisited in the future, sometimes months or years after a marital split.

And logically so. Life is not static. Conditions and expectations change, especially where a family is concerned. The family law universe is replete with instances where a mutual understanding reached between a divorcing couple becomes illogical and/or untenable at a future time.

We underscore that often-realized reality and need for adjustment on our website at the established Texas family law firm of Michalk, Beatty & Alcozer in Killeen. We stress therein that, “As life goes on, what made sense when you first got divorced or made co-parenting arrangements may not be possible, practical or necessary anymore.”

To wit: Child-linked matters once agreed upon — such as custody, visitation and support — often require post-divorce modification. The same can be true for spousal maintenance (alimony) and additional matters.

Whatever the concern, an individual with questions regarding a family law modification can turn to a proven and empathetic legal team for candid counsel and diligent representation.