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Details to consider about the mediation process


If you’ve found that it’s difficult to communicate with your former spouse while going through the divorce process in Texas, mediation might be an option to consider. Sometimes, you might be ordered by the court to take part in mediation as a part of the divorce process so that you learn about ways to communicate effectively, especially if there are children involved. Here are a few details about what to expect.

The mediator

Most of the time, the mediator who is involved is a family law attorney. This can be beneficial as they often know how to listen and react to both parties in a professional manner. An attorney who is a mediator will usually know the rules and regulations in the state that you need to follow so that the other steps throughout your divorce can be legally completed.


During each mediation session, you’ll usually engage in structured conversations. There will likely be an encouragement by the mediator to talk to each other about the issues that you have without arguing. If emotions begin to take over, then one person could be asked to step out of the room or asked to remain quiet so that the other person can speak. This is a benefit of mediation as each person can voice their opinions and how they feel in a safe environment instead of feeling attacked by the other party.


The goal of mediation is to try to come to an agreement on various aspects of your divorce. These could include child custody schedules or ways to divide the shared property.

A way that you can talk to your former spouse in a civil manner is through mediation with a professional and neutral party involved.