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Tips To Help You Win Your SSD Claim: Get Help From A Killeen, Texas, SSD Lawyer

The law firm of Michalk, Beatty & Alcozer, L.P., represents clients who are unable to work due to a disability.

Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits may be available to individuals who meet the Social Security Administration’s listing of impairments for their specific disability, and who also meet certain financial and work history requirements.

Many people wonder what steps they can take to strengthen their claim and improve their chances for successfully receiving SSD benefits. Reach out to us, and speak to a lawyer in a free initial consultation.

Tips To Win Your SSD Claim

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you are disabled and seeking Social Security Disability benefits:

  • Act promptly — The SSD application process can be lengthy, and you may not know if your claim has been accepted for more than a year. If you are disabled and unable to work, do not delay applying for SSD benefits.
  • Keep all medical documentation — The Social Security Administration requires extensive documentation of your medical condition/disability. Keep all records and documentation of medical care, treatments, receipts, etc. It is also advisable to keep a journal documenting symptoms associated with your disability.
  • Work with an SSD attorney — The process of applying for SSD benefits can be overwhelming. Working with a lawyer during the process can take the guesswork away. If your claim is denied, it is highly advisable to work with an attorney during the appeals process. An attorney can also ensure that all essential medical documentation is obtained from your doctor.
  • Remember this important piece of advice — If your initial claim is denied, do not hesitate to seek an appeal. The majority of initial claims are denied by the Social Security Administration. But that does not mean that individuals seeking disability benefits do not have a legitimate disability. Work with an attorney who believes in your case and will help you appeal your claim so you receive the benefits you need and deserve.

You are in capable hands: Attorney Manuel Alcozer has handled hundreds of cases on behalf of disabled clients before Social Security law judges.

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