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What are the best ways to have a child-centered divorce?


During a divorce between Texas parents, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s most important. However, keeping the children in mind is better for everyone. Here is how you can have a child-centered divorce.

Be honest

Children are intuitive and know when something is up. If you haven’t yet told them you’re getting divorced, do so. Be honest but sensitive about how you break the news to them.

Avoid going to court

Staying out of family law court can benefit you, your spouse and your children. Traditional divorce often involves hurt feelings, emotional outbursts, fights and bitterness. They are also drawn out to the point where your divorce may not be final for up to a year, sometimes even longer.

Instead, to have a child-centered divorce, consider divorce mediation or collaborative divorce. Both options allow you and your spouse to negotiate the terms of your split in a civil manner. This is much easier on your children, cheaper and faster.

Don’t fight

Some divorces are ugly and involve a lot of fighting between estranged spouses. However, regardless of the reason for your split, don’t fight in front of your children. It could only lead to sadness, anxiety and depression. Remain respectful at all times to be a better example for your kids.

Speak positively of your spouse

Your relationship with your spouse may be over, but your children’s relationship with them is forever. Always speak positively of your estranged spouse to your children and avoid saying anything negative or trying to find out dirt by using them as messengers.

Maintain a strong relationship

Regardless of whether you’re still in the marital home, maintain a strong relationship with your kids. Stay in continuous contact reassure them and offer them lots of love. Be there for them in any and all ways.

Child-centered divorces can benefit your entire family. Taking this route helps your children cope better.