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Accident risk factors outsized for this specific group


We periodically revisit specific subject matter relevant to the personal injury realm at Michalk, Beatty & Alcozer. That is especially true regarding information germane to injury concerns for particularly high-risk groups.

Where that is the focus, it is not even arguable that pedestrians in Killeen and elsewhere across Central Texas and other areas of the state occupy a unique niche. They are at once the most vulnerable members of the public when they are outdoors and exposed to the negligent driving behaviors of motorists preoccupied by distractions.

We duly note on the website of our practiced personal injury law firm that the price walkers pay for third-party carelessness is often severe. Indeed, serious outcomes are a commonplace. Injured walkers routinely suffer from neck/back injuries, broken bones and spinal cord maladies. Traumatic head injury is a frequent result. So too are internal bleeding, contusions/lacerations and a host of other major injuries.

Tragically, the prominent vulnerability of pedestrians often yields fatalities following vehicle-linked accidents.

Hard and proven statistics speak to the magnitude of that outcome. Data culled by the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stress the multiple fatalities that occur daily across the United States in vehicle-pedestrian collisions. Reportedly, a walker somewhere in the U.S. died on average every 1.5 hours in a recent year.

Injured victims and their families often feel empowered by taking proactive and purposeful steps following third-party negligence that has upended their lives. A meaningful legal remedy can assign accountability and help to deter future carelessness. Moreover, securing maximum compensation can help injury victims defray medical expenses, recoup loss wages, pay for future rehabilitation/therapy and ensure the continued ability to stay financially afloat.

Our proven legal team helps valued and diverse Texas clients secure those important objectives. We welcome contacts to the firm.