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Preventing the unthinkable with safe walking tips and procedures


With spring approaching and warmer weather rolling in, Texas sidewalks may already be filling up with individuals who wish to do most of their traveling on their own two feet. Whether to save on fuel costs or to avoid traffic, you might also consider it time to park your vehicle in favor of a healthier form of travel.

Since you likely consider your safety to be paramount, knowing the risks involved with walking near traffic could prove imperative. While you might face a variety of potential hazards with motor vehicles nearby, seeking advice on pedestrian safety tips could help you prepare to stay safe as you travel.

Tips to stay safe while walking

Without the safety of the protective barriers afforded to those traveling in motor vehicles, finding ways to reduce the odds of a collision is likely in your best interests as a pedestrian. Some tips to help better prepare you to stay safe while walking may include:

  • Be visible: Wearing bright clothing and sticking to well-lit areas are just two examples of ways to increase your visibility, which is vital to staying safe as a pedestrian.
  • Be vigilant: Maintaining constant awareness of your surroundings could also play an integral role in being prepared to react to a potentially hazardous situation.
  • Avoid assumptions: Making eye contact with nearby drivers at intersections is vital as merely assuming others see you before attempting to cross the road can be a dangerous decision.
  • Adhere to the rules: Taking time to fully understand traffic laws and safe walking procedures could help you better prepare to handle a variety of scenarios and avoid situations that could otherwise prove dangerous.
  • Stay sober: Understanding how impairment could affect your judgment and awareness while walking near traffic may also prove essential to preventing a potential disaster.

Unfortunately, you can only control so much of what happens, and should you encounter a negligent driver, it could prove nearly impossible to jump out of the path of a swift-moving vehicle.

When the unthinkable occurs

Collisions involving pedestrians can have cataclysmic results and if another party’s negligent behavior leaves you with severe injuries, you might be wondering about the next steps to take to seek restitution. Since navigating the civil justice system can be a complex process, it could be in your best interests to speak with someone with intricate knowledge of such matters for guidance. In doing so, you could find yourself in a better position to pursue the full amount of restitution entitled through a personal injury claim.