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What If I Cannot Afford A Doctor?
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One of the most important parts of a Social Security Disability (SSD) application or appeal is proving that you are too disabled to work and expect to remain in this condition for at least one year or result in your death.

Generally, the main source of evidence supporting your claim will be medical records. Unfortunately, many people lack health insurance and cannot afford the numerous doctor’s appointments often needed to get an accurate assessment of your prognosis.

At Michalk, Beatty & Alcozer, L.P. in Killeen, we have helped people in Texas obtain SSD benefits for more than 25 years. We understand the challenges many people face in getting the health care they need. Here is what our attorneys recommend to our clients who tell us they cannot afford to go to the doctor.

What If I Cannot Afford A Doctor?

Your first step is to determine if there is a free clinic in your area. Free clinics usually charge based on your ability to pay and offer most, if not all, of the same services as a for-profit clinic. If you have access to a free clinic, you should be able to get your condition diagnosed and find out your treatment options.

If you do not live near a free clinic, find out if Texas’ County Indigent Health Care Program (CIHCP) operates in a hospital or clinic in your area. To qualify for health care under CIHCP, you must have an income at or below 21 percent of the federal poverty guidelines, resources of less than $2,000 and not be eligible for Medicaid. If you are unable to take advantage of CIHCP, many hospitals provide private indigent care services.

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