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Dram Shop Liability Lawyers: Holding Bars And Restaurants Responsible

It happens all the time in Texas: A customer leaves the bar after having consumed several alcoholic drinks. In fact, they are too drunk to drive, but the bar’s management and staff let them leave anyway, despite knowing there is a good chance the customer will hurt somebody in a wreck.

Sure enough, within a few minutes the drunk driver has hit another vehicle and caused terrible injuries.

Fortunately, Texas law recognizes that the individual or business that overserved the drunk driver that hit you may be at least equally responsible for your injuries.

At Michalk, Beatty & Alcozer, L.P., we use the dram shop liability law to hold bars, restaurants, nightclubs and party hosts responsible whenever they have contributed to a drunk driving accident. We are located in Killeen and represent clients throughout the state.

What Is The Dram Shop Liability Law?

Personal injury law does not require you to hold a single party responsible for what happened to you. In fact, there could be liable parties who were not present at the scene of the collision. Specifically, you can take legal action against the business or individual that sold or provided liquor to the driver if:

  1. They knew, or reasonably should have known, that the driver was intoxicated but continued to serve them alcohol; and
  2. Allowed the inebriated person to drive without taking reasonable efforts to stop them, such as by taking away their car keys or calling them a taxi.

Our attorneys know personal injury law thoroughly. Your lawyer will investigate the details of your crash and identify every party that contributed to it. Often, a bar or restaurant will have greater financial resources to compensate you compared with the driver.

We will do what is necessary to put you in the fairest possible financial and emotional position again.

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