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Accidents occur every single day. It is the unfortunate reality that so do serious injuries. When an accident is caused by another person’s or party’s negligent actions, they may be held liable.

At our Killeen, Texas, law firm, we stand up for the victims of accidents. We take pride in advocating for the injured.

For more than 25 years, the law firm of Michalk, Beatty & Alcozer, L.P., has been advocating for the injured. Our office is located in Killeen, and we serve clients throughout all of Texas.

Our lawyers take an aggressive stance in the courtroom, yet we are compassionate and friendly when working with our clients.

We have represented people facing all types of injuries, from broken bones to spinal cord damage, traumatic brain injuries and death. Our team is familiar with both the medical aspects of a personal injury claim as well as the legal aspects of a lawsuit. We have a lengthy track record of reaching successful verdicts and settlements.

When you are represented by our team, you will be in good hands.

Our Personal Injury Practice

We are ready to help you if you have suffered serious injuries or have lost a loved one as a result of the negligence of an individual or corporation.

Our Killeen personal injury compensation attorneys handle many different types of cases:

Frequently Asked Questions

Every situation is unique, and one of our attorneys would be happy to go over the facts of your case and help you determine the next appropriate steps. Below are answers to FAQs about personal injury to help give you a general understanding before sitting down with a lawyer on our team.

How do I know if I have a valid personal injury claim?

Personal injury claims involve three key elements. First, the other person or company must have owed the injured person a duty. This duty can come in a variety of forms. Businesses, for example, have a duty to keep the public safe on their property. Professionals have a duty to uphold specific standards in the services they provide to the public.

Second, the person must have failed to do that duty. For example, a driver who irresponsibly drives above the speed limit would have failed in their duty to other drivers, pedestrians and others on the road.

Third, the negligence must have led to the harm that the injured person suffered. This involves both showing their injuries and linking those injuries to the negligent actions of the person or company.

What is negligence?

You may have heard this legal term thrown around before. Negligence is a major factor in any personal injury case. In order for a party to recover damages, he or she must prove there was negligence. In a nutshell, this means someone did not exercise reasonable care that ultimately caused the injury or death.

Why do I need to hire a personal injury attorney?

You may have already been contacted by your insurance company and even the insurance company of the other party. While it may seem tempting to just go forward with what an insurance company offers you, it may not be in your best interests. Remember, the insurance company is only looking out for their business interests, not yours. A lawyer has a fiduciary duty (legal obligation) to look out for your best interests. There can be complications down the line that you don’t foresee in your accident case. Having a skilled attorney, right away from the beginning, at your side can help the process go smoother.

What kind of evidence will be considered in my case?

Personal injury claims can involve a variety of evidence. Photographs of the scene of the accident can provide important context, as can witness testimony. Medical records, photographs of injuries, correspondence with insurance companies and testimony from medical professionals can highlight the extent of a person’s injuries. Paystubs can show that a person lost wages as a result of their injuries.

Because of the variety of evidence that can support a claim, injured people should gather evidence as soon as possible after an accident.

Will my personal injury settlement account for potential long-term medical expenses?

Unfortunately, some injuries take months or years to heal, and some injured people may experience lifelong harm as a result of an accident. They may need physical therapy, rehabilitation, long-term pain management and a variety of other care. Personal injury claims can address the cost of continued care that an injured person needs.

What kind of damages can I seek in a lawsuit?

After an accident, you can seek damages for things like past and future medical expenses, lost wages, and loss of earning capacity. In some cases, an injured victim can go after what are called “punitive damages.” This is often for pain and suffering endured because of the other party’s negligence.

How long will a personal injury lawsuit take?

Every situation is different. A case could be quickly settled in a month. A case could also have many issues to resolve and require additional negotiations that could take months and, in some cases, even years if it goes to trial. Fortunately, our attorneys are highly skilled trial attorneys who can aggressively advocate for you in the courtroom should litigation become necessary.

How will I be able to pay for my legal expenses?

Many personal injury law firms (including our law firm), take personal injury cases on what is called a “contingency fee basis.” This means that the client does not pay anything unless the lawyer recovers damages on his or her behalf. A certain percentage of the damages recovered is then given to the lawyer. How this applies to your situation can be discussed in a free initial consultation.

How can car accidents, slip-and-fall accidents and pedestrian accidents harm people?

Car accidents can result in a variety of different injuries. Whiplash and other neck, back and spinal injuries can lead to pain, headaches, loss of mobility and circulation issues. Head injuries can result in pain, changes to an injured person’s mood and thinking, challenges with balance and a variety of other symptoms. Other injuries from car accidents include fractures, burns or amputations.

Concussions, brain injuries, skull fractures and other head injuries frequently impact pedestrians after a collision with a vehicle. Fractures could impact bones throughout the body. Pedestrians also frequently experience injuries to their neck, back and spine that can result in leg pain, weakness, numbness and paralysis.

When people slip-and-fall on another person or company’s property, they could injure many different parts of their body. If their head strikes the ground or an object, this could result in head injuries like concussions or injuries to the face. People who twist their knee or ankle could experience sprains or fractures. People who land on their back could suffer harm to their back or neck.

What happens if my loved one died from their injuries. Now what?

Certain family members can file a lawsuit on behalf of a deceased loved one. This is known as a wrongful death claim. Family members who often qualify for this include parents, children and spouses. A wrongful death lawsuit can seek damages such as funeral expenses, loss of consortium, lost income as well as pain and suffering.

Strong Advocates For The Injured

Our lawyers know the challenges that you are faced with if you have suffered an injury as the result of the negligence of an individual or corporation. In particular, we understand the challenge of dealing with the insurance company.

You should know that when you have a lawyer at our firm standing by your side, you can shift your focus to your recovery. We will stand up for you against the insurance company and make every effort to get compensation for your injuries such as lost wages, mental anguish, pain and suffering, and more.

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