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License reinstatement after a drunk driving conviction


Even a first-time offender in the Killeen area faces a real possibility of a license suspension following a conviction for drunk driving. This can be a huge inconvenience for many people, and it may even spell the end of one’s livelihood if the person cannot get to and from work.

Someone who is over 21 can face a license suspension of up to two years even for a first-time offense. They may also wind up with a license on a probationary status.

Even then, the person will ordinarily need to complete an Alcohol Education Program approved by the state within about six months after being convicted. A judge can also order that a person use an ignition interlock device or only drive to and from work. Getting these limited driving privileges may involve a separate, multi-step process.

Additional, and harsher, penalties apply if the person convicted of drunk driving happens to be under 21. Someone under 21 will have a license suspension for one year, but this can be waived down to 90 days if the accused person completes community service and also agrees to an ignition interlock device.

These penalties are on top of any other penalties imposed on account of refusing to submit to breath or blood testing or failing the same.

Once someone completes whatever suspension has been imposed, there are still several hoops through which one must jump before getting his or her license reinstated. For instance, in addition to proving he or she complied with any court requirements, the person must also pay a fee and show proof of having automobile insurance.

Getting one’s license back after a DUI/DWI case can be challenging and require the help of an experienced drunk driving defense attorney.