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Labor Day is not a happy time for many Texans


For many residents of Killeen and Fort Hood, Labor Day comes as a welcome break before the full onset of fall and then the winter holiday season. However, judging by the statistics, many Texas families likely remember Labor Day as a time that they lost a loved one to a tragic and preventable car accident.

As some might guess, Labor Day weekend is not a safe day to be on the roads, in part because of the tendency on the part of many to drink heavily on this holiday. Across the country, about 300 people die each year in accidents over the Labor Day holiday.

Texas in particular seems to get hit hard every year around this time. Across the state, an average of 33 people die on the roads, which is, at least in terms of raw numbers, more than any other state. Likewise, in Texas, 9 of these 33 deaths involve a drunk driver, which again ranks Texas high among the states surveyed.

Two Texas cities also have the unwanted distinction of being among the deadliest in which to travel over Labor Day. Both San Antonio and Dallas on average report 4 traffic deaths over this holiday, which tie them and one other city for the deadliest in the country.

Hopefully, those in Killeen and Fort Hood reading this blog were able to enjoy a safe and relaxing Labor Day weekend. If they had the misfortune of either being a victim of an accident or watching a loved one suffer on account of an accident, they may be able to file a personal injury or wrongful death claim as the circumstances dictate.