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Do you need your child support order changed in Texas?


Parents’ financial circumstances and their children’s needs often change after the divorce decree is settled upon in Texas. For instance, your child may need extra support for medical expenses, school activities and other basic needs, or you could lose your job or get a promotion. If you would like the child support terms to be modified, here is what you need to know.

Child support modifications in Texas

A family law case like child support modification is taken seriously by the court, so you can only request for a change in child support once every three years. You must prove the circumstances that compel this change. To be successful in this matter, here are the things that you might be asked to prove:

  • The decree agreed upon is unworkable under your current circumstance, or you have been finding it difficult to comply.
  • Your financial circumstances have changed significantly since the divorce decree; for example, you lost one of your major sources of income or your business failed.
  • The financial situation for your child has changed and they need extra money for medical expenses, school needs or other requirements.

How to request a modification

Follow the Child Support Review Process under the Child Support Division of the Texas attorney general’s office and file a motion to change the child support terms. This process is usually much faster if you and the other party both agree on the terms.

Another way you can go about child support order amendment is through family court with the help of your lawyer. Convince the court why you need the order modified, and if they agree, they might grant you your wishes.

Remember that if you agree with the other party to change the child support order, make sure that you document the agreement and have the judge sign it. If you fail to do so, the court will still hold you responsible under the previous terms.