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Proactive response to violation of a family law enforcement order


Some – candidly, many – divorcing Texas couples view marital dissolution in terms akin to a drawn-out sporting contest, perhaps a marathon. Many divorces have multiple and sometimes contested issues to sort through, and it is understandable why some impending exes don’t look beyond the execution of a divorce decree when they assign finality to their decoupling. They simply want the process to end.

A commonplace reality underscoring divorce mandates, though, that some former partners must continue to focus on one or more select matters even after they are once again single and embarked on new lives.

We spotlight divorce-linked enforcement orders in today’s Michalk, Beatty & Alcozer blog post. Such orders are a mainstay of many divorces, holding exes accountable for duties they continue to have following a dissolution decree. Enforcement orders can cover a lot of territory, and are often connected to an ex-spouse’s obligations concerning matters such as the following:

  • Parenting plan promises; child custody and visitation
  • Agreements reached on the division of marital property
  • Child and/or spousal support

An ex sometimes fails to abide by an order’s stipulated terms and conditions. When that occurs, an enforcement action can be commenced to compel obedience. It is also sometimes the case that an accused violator of a court order contests that allegation and seeks to defend against a judicial enforcement mandate.

A proven family law legal team can provide sound and timely guidance to a Texas ex-spouse with questions or concerns regarding an enforcement order and post-degree conflict.

A dispute can often be resolved outside of court. When that is not possible, aggressive and knowledgeable trial advocacy can help secure a client’s best interests.