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Protecting your future after an intoxicated manslaughter charge


A previous post on this blog talked about what a Texas prosecutor must prove in order to convict a Killeen or Fort Hood resident of intoxicated manslaughter.

Those who read this post might have realized that intoxicated manslaughter is a serious crime that could, in a manner of speaking, happen to them. Even if a Texas resident has no history of trouble with the law, if he or she allegedly had one drink too many and winds up involved in a deadly car accident, then he or she is likely going to be facing months or even years in jail.

Moreover, with a serious criminal conviction on their records, one incident could mean that the person will have a difficult time finding a job and taking advantage of other opportunities for the rest of their lives.

People who find themselves in this situation need strong legal representation in order to protect their futures. In some situations, it may be best to admit that a mistake was made and try to negotiate the best deal possible. In other cases, though, a person accused of intoxicated manslaughter may want to take their case to trial and assert a defense.

In all such cases, though, the attorneys at our law office are committed to understanding in detail the facts of our client’s cases, as it is this attentiveness that often leads to our being able to assert an effective defense on our clients’ behalf. We always work on our criminal cases with an eye on the possibility that the case may go to trial, and, as such, we try to anticipate what the prosecutor might say or do to get a conviction.