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Get help after drugged driving, or other, allegations


One of the core tenants of our law office’s criminal defense practice is that we recognize that good, productive members of the Fort Hood and Killeen areas can wind up facing criminal charges.

A person can have one too many drinks while out with friends celebrating an important occasion. At other times, as a previous post reported, a person might even wind up facing a DUI simply because he or she legally took prescription medicine in the correct dose but just did not realize how the medicine would impact him or her. In other cases, a person may have honestly succumbed to a closet addiction but has a clean record and deserves another chance.

We have successfully represented good people who either make bad decisions or simply find themselves in a bad situation. Whether it is drunk or drugged driving allegations or something else, we always start our defense by gaining understanding of exactly what happened and why.

When doing so, we know that the state is going to have a team of people, including the police, helping them to get their ducks in a row, so we work especially hard to ask the important questions that may cast some doubt on the state’s position. We do so no matter the type of criminal case in front of us and we do so even if our client’s ultimate goal is simply to have the case cause minimal disruption in their lives so they can move on from the incident.

A person who is the target of a criminal investigation or who has been charged with a crime has the right to have legal representation at every major stage of the case. We encourage Killeen and Fort Hood residents to explore our website further if they wish to get a better understanding of how our team can help hem exercise that right effectively.