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We realize that good people make big mistakes


Most of the people who live in Fort Hood and Killeen are generally good people who try to follow the laws of both Texas and the federal government. However, whether it is something as simple as a speeding ticket or a more serious problem, like too many drinks on a Friday or Saturday night, even good people make mistakes.

Our law office caters to first-time offenders and others who, in reality, are trying to live decent lives but may have gotten caught driving on a night after they had enough to drink to put them under the suspicion of driving drunk.

These are often difficult weeks and months for a person accused of a crime, particularly since they are not used to the criminal justice system. Our office therefore encourages these people to seek legal counsel right away, as simply trying to talk matters over with the police and prosecutors or handle the case on one’s own can backfire.

While of course we will negotiate a plea bargain on our client’s behalf if that turns out to be the best approach, we investigate and prepare for every drunk driving case as if it were going to trial. We work hard to develop a defense strategy early on in a case that will confront the prosecution’s case and thus help our clients get the best legal result possible.

Our experience with criminal law is broad, and it includes representing defendants who are in trouble for the first time and might not know where to turn. In all of our cases, we work hard to protect our clients’ rights and help them move on with their lives with as little interference as possible.