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How we can help those arrested on drunk driving charges


A person need not be an expert in criminal law to know that getting a drunk driving conviction can be a serious affair. Even for a first-time offender who was simply stopped by a police officer after having a few drinks with friends, a conviction can mean a lot of hardship in both the short term and the long term.

Killeen and Fort Hood residents convicted of a DWI may not be able to drive for several months, and they will likely have to pay fines and face other consequences. In some cases, jail is a possibility, and a person convicted may have to also deal with professional fallout depending on their line of work.

In short, someone who is accused of drunk driving will likely want legal help, even if their ultimate goal is to negotiate a reasonable plea bargain that will appease the prosecutor and police but which will also allow them to move on with life. Moreover, some people on account of their jobs or other life circumstances may have no choice but to fight the charges, even all the way through a trial.

Our law office works hard to understand the details of every DWI that we take on, as we feel that knowledge is the key to getting a favorable resolution for our clients.

After doing so, we develop a defense strategy that we feel will best help our clients accomplish their goals in the case, which is usually an early and outright dismissal of the charge or, in other cases, a result that avoids the worst consequences of a criminal conviction.

It is often a big mistake for a person to think he or she can handle a drunk driving case on their own or that it is really no big deal to enter a plea. Our law office is there to help those accuse of DWI and related crimes protect their rights and know their options.