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Do I have a say in what my ex spends child support on?


It can be difficult financially to pay child support, but you understand that it is for the benefit of your children. Naturally, you want to make sure that your ex-spouse is putting the money you pay to good use. Like many other noncustodial parents in Texas who pay child support, you might have concerns if you believe your ex is being frivolous with the money.

There is a difference between disagreeing with how your ex spends child support and being able to do something about it, as FindLaw explains.

Acceptable uses for child support

Child support is meant for your children, but there is a broad range of expenses that family law courts deem acceptable for child support money. Your ex may choose to spend the money on clothing, food, medicine and school supplies for the children. He or she may also use it for household expenses, such as necessities, utility payments and rent. It is also acceptable to save the money for future educational expenses or an emergency.

You might object, however, if your ex is spending child support on such things as gifts for the children, restaurant meals or a trip to a theme park. However, the courts may consider entertainment a basic need for your children. They deserve to build memories with both parents, as well. If your ex is spending child support on a game or toy for your child, or on a movie ticket or weekend trip, you may consider that money well spent.

Ensuring your children’s basic needs are met

You may have cause for concern if you believe your ex is not taking care of your children’s physical and emotional needs. You have the right to inform authorities if you have evidence that your ex is abusing or neglecting your children, or that your child support is being spent in a harmful or illegal manner. If this is the case, then authorities may take steps to protect your children.