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Be represented by someone who understands your family law needs


As mentioned in previous posts on this blog, there are many parenting options available for parents in Texas going forward after a divorce. For those who parted amicably, co-parenting is one option. Others may find their relationship has not yet reached that point, and they may find parallel parenting works for them. Even others may be in situations where shared custody is not an option, and they have petitioned for and won sole custody of their children. Regardless of how they are parenting, at the end of the day their aim is to do what is in their child’s best interests.

In these situations, it is important to have someone represent your legal interests — not generic ones imposed by society that dictate that only the mother can have sole custody or that both parents should be involved in rearing children, just because studies say so. Everyone’s situation is different, and having legal representation that understands that is crucial.

Lawyers at our firm have more than 25 years combined experience in doing just that — understanding what a client wants, determining whether it is practical or not and then advocating for the client to get them the solution that is fair. It is also important to serve those facing family law issues with compassion and the necessary care.

Family law is a complicated branch of the law, where advocates need to be sympathetic yet firm. We recognize the challenges posed by the law and try to achieve the most appropriate possible outcome for our clients. For more information on divorce, please visit our webpage.