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Focusing on the ‘best interests of the child’ in the courts


All parents love their children. And all parents only want what is best for their children. It is not uncommon though, that during the course of a divorce, opinions may vary on what is considered the best interests of the children. It is not uncommon for each parent to truly believe that they deserve child custody of their child or children, and that by caring for their children, they are protecting the best interests of the child or children.

The courts understand this as well, whether they are in or near Killeen, Texas, or anywhere across the United States. Their primary objective is to protect the best interests of the child as well. They will look at each case objectively, and will consider several factors to determine what is best for the child.

One of the most important factors that goes into this decision is the relationship each parent has with each child. They will look at specifics from within the household to try to determine who is the primary caregiver for the child or children. Depending upon the age and maturity of the child, they may even reach out and ask for their own opinions. They will also look to see if either spouse has a negative past that could affect a child’s well-being or upbringing. This could also include whether there was a criminal record, a history of domestic violence or even issues with drug or alcohol abuse. Each of these plays a role in their decision-making.

There are countless decisions to be made during the course of a divorce, among them decisions to be made regarding children from the marriage. During these trying times, it may be helpful to speak with a firm familiar with family law to determine the best way to proceed in protecting the present and the future of your child or children, but also your own. The decisions that are made today will have long-term and possibly life-long consequences. These are not decisions to be taken lightly.

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