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Families are unique: so, too, are their needs in family law matters


Many of our readers from across Texas might be familiar with the term “boilerplate,” a word that sometimes appears in discussions relating to some aspect of law.

Broadly speaking, boilerplate refers to a generically drafted form or document — often a contract — that can be broadly used by many consumers. Wills come to mind, with many book stores and online sites selling forms with standardized language and fill-in-the-blank options.

That can be cheap and convenient, of course, and sometimes useful.

Yet seeking out boilerplate forms and solutions in a legal context can also be a decidedly ill-advised strategy, given that many legal subjects simply cannot be addressed or resolved through recourse to cookie-cutter language and a one-size-fits-all approach.

Take family law, for example, a universe we termed a “dynamic legal realm” in a recent Michalk. Beatty & Alcozer, L.P., blog post.

That dynamism is constantly on display in every client matter involving a family law issue or challenge because, as we further note on a relevant page our website, “Every family has unique needs.”

And that reality renders a reliance on anything boilerplate in the family law universe materially misplaced and flatly illogical.

Indeed, a proven attorney’s approach in any family law matter — whether divorce, custody/visitation, paternity, adoption, spousal maintenance or any other concern in this vast legal universe — necessarily mandates a well-considered and tailored approach to solving a client’s challenge, in every case.

Our lawyers uniformly seek to apply that client-specific and individualized advocacy, relying upon many decades of collective experience that informs the firm’s strategies and representation.

We welcome your close scrutiny of Michalk, Beatty & Alcozer and the opportunity to respond to questions and concerns regarding your unique family law challenge.