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A look at child support modification


Every Texas family has unique needs and goals. When it comes to family law disputes, these needs and goals can vary widely. Of course, everyone has different wishes when it comes to how they want family law issues to play out, and this can result in disputes and feuds. Sometimes, too, a decision that was made by the courts years back may not be still a viable solution years later. In such cases, it may be desirable to obtain an agreement modification.

For instance, child support is a family law issue that is not always static and unmoving. Sometimes, a parent’s job situation changes, or an unexpected accident causes their financial situation to change dramatically. When a parent can no longer realistically pay the amount of child support that was agreed upon, it may be possible to pursue a child support modification.

For a child support modification to be granted, a judge must approve an agreement. Or the change can alter the original order. The request for a child support modification must be requested in the same court that granted the child support order. This is the case even when both parents agree on the order out of court.

In many cases, the parents do not agree on a child support modification. If this is the case, then it becomes necessary to request a hearing in front of a judge. Both parents will then be able to present their arguments. The parent requesting the modification must show a change in his or her circumstances that makes it necessary to obtain an agreement modification.

Agreement modifications are often complicated and can result in lengthy court proceedings. This is why it is often important to have an attorney fighting for the parent’s interests.

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