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Evidence that can help a VA disability case in Texas


Are you a disabled veteran in Killeen, Texas? You may be eligible to receive benefits from the United States Department of Veteran Affairs for any medical issues or disability obtained during your service. First, you will have to apply to receive any benefits, so it’s important to look at the evidence you may need to support your disability case.

Submit all the evidence you have

If you go to the doctor and he or she tells you that you have a hearing problem, make sure that this statement is in your records. You want evidence from your doctor that the condition is disabling and hinders your quality of life and ability to perform work. In other words, it’s important to have proof for any disability or illness you obtained during your service as well as conditions you developed later on in life due to your service. Remember that every single detail counts in determining your disability rating for compensation.

Qualifying for benefits

Being awarded VA disability benefits will require that you build a compelling case. An attorney may be able to help you prove that you meet all the qualifications needed for compensation.

The VA rates the disability of a veteran from zero to 100%. You are only eligible for monthly payments if you are rated 10% disabled or higher. If you have people who depend on you, you are eligible to get an additional 30% or more in your benefits.

The government offers benefits to veterans with illnesses, disabilities or injuries obtained during their service. However, the process of getting these benefits could be long and frustrating. It may help to have a good attorney to represent you if your application gets rejected initially.