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What happens after I file a VA disability claim?


VA disability payments compensate Texas veterans for service-related illnesses or injuries. Veterans must file a claim with the Department of Veterans Affairs to qualify for the benefit. When filing a VA disability claim, you must prove your illness or injury is service-related. Failure to do so may result in the rejection of your claim.

The VA generally provides a decision within 105 days of receiving your claim. Here’s more info on what happens after you file a VA disability claim.

The VA receives your claim

If you submit your claim online, you receive an immediate confirmation. You can also submit your claim by mail. When the VA receives your claim, you receive a confirmation letter by mail. This letter may arrive a week or two after the VA receives the claim.

The VA reviews your claim

The VA determines the validity of your disability claim. You may have to provide more evidence that your illness or sickness is service-related. If the VA has enough evidence, then your claim moves ahead to the next step.

The VA gathers evidence, performs an in-depth review and makes a decision

The VA gathers corroborating evidence from several sources. They may contact you, your doctor or additional sources. After reviewing the evidence, the VA makes its decision on your disability claim. However, the VA may decide there’s still not enough evidence to reach a decision. Your claim remains in this stage until the VA has sufficient evidence.

Your claim is complete

You receive your claim decision packet in the mail. The packet informs you if your claim is approved or not. You also receive details of the decision. If the VA denies your claim, you can file a Notice of Disagreement (NOD). The deadline for filing the NOD is within one year of receiving your denial letter.