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File proper forms to maximize chance of VA disability benefits


Some Texas veterans feel deflated over not getting the Veterans Administration disability claims to which they are entitled, or they’ve been discouraged after hearing stories from friends who filed and were denied. It’s important to note that VA disability claims have specific filing timelines. When following these timelines, claimants have a good chance of receiving service-related disability payments.

Filing for an initial claim

Original VA disability claims can occur before or after a person leaves military service. Active military personnel can file a claim up to 180 before discharge. The Benefits Delivery at Discharge program allows filing between 90 to 180 days before leaving so that recipients may receive their benefits sooner. Those who have less than 90 days left on active duty can still file, but their claim will be processed after leaving the military as a fully developed or standard claim. Post-service claims are filed after discharge and can occur many years after the fact. Among the types of disability claims include:

  • Contact with hazardous materials
  • Injuries related to service in Southwest Asia
  • Time spent as a prisoner of war

Getting additional disability funds

Sometimes, veterans develop additional disabilities resulting from their military service. When this occurs, they can file a claim for additional funds. Veterans must file the proper type of claim when seeking additional funds. They can also file a supplemental claim if they have been previously denied disability benefits and have additional proof that they qualify for funds.

Navigating the paperwork and filing procedures for VA disability benefits can be tricky. A veteran may not fully understand what is required or may not know how to get access to the materials needed for the claim. Working with attorneys experienced in filing these claims may maximize a veteran’s chances of obtaining benefits.