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How VA disability benefits cover hearing loss


Everyone knows about the millions of elderly adults who suffer from debilitating hearing loss. Few people know about the prevalence of hearing conditions in military veterans as many of them are silent about their struggles. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs provides various forms of assistance to veterans in Texas and around the country.

A common yet underreported issue

There is a significant percentage of military veterans who suffer from hearing loss and receive aid, according to the VA. Veterans’ organizations estimate that countless other veterans have hearing loss problems that are not officially reported.

People in the military develop hearing loss and tinnitus from being exposed to loud gunfire, tanks, bombs, aircraft and other military equipment. Advanced age is another contributor that worsens a condition.

How VA disability helps

Benefits for a VA disability include various hearing services, such as diagnostic tests and insurance coverage for hearing aids. The VA works with product manufacturers that create top-of-the-line hearing aids which sell for several thousands of dollars upfront. Veterans are given a trial period to test and adjust the fitting of their devices.

VA provides regular sessions of physical therapy, counseling and preventative care to assist veterans as they become accustomed to their new devices and gradually alleviate their symptoms. The VA has teams of medical professionals, medical researchers and scientists working on new treatments and prevention plans.

Taking advantage of disability benefits

Hearing loss is an underreported disability. Even so, VA military benefits cover the costs of caring for hearing injuries and diseases. There is a great amount of support that is provided by governments and private organizations. Veterans need to recognize their own conditions and become familiar with the numerous benefits available to them.