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Why car accidents happen


Car accidents can leave Texas residents dealing with serious injuries both physical and psychological. Sadly, many of these accidents are avoidable. These are a few of the most common causes of collisions.


A variety of factors can cause drivers to become distracted and lose focus on the road. Distractions can happen from texting while driving, eating behind the wheel, turning around to check on children in the backseat or daydreaming, just to name a few.


Drowsy driving is a serious problem on the road. Accidents can occur that result in personal injuries if a person is fatigued behind the wheel. People can fall asleep while driving due to shift work, long work hours, poor sleep, certain health conditions and medications and even Daylight Saving Time. If people can get adequate rest, crashes caused by fatigue could be significantly reduced.

Driving under the influence

Although it’s illegal to drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, people still do it. Sometimes, a person might have one or two drinks while out and think they’re sober enough to drive. However, even a small amount of alcohol or drugs in a person’s system can reduce their judgment and reaction time. They can still end up in a serious car accident that can cause serious injuries.


Some drivers speed while on the road, which puts everyone at risk. Even a few miles per hour over the legal speed limit can increase the chances of a crash occurring. Car crash injuries can be serious and even life-threatening when accidents occur due to speeding.

Inclement weather

Inclement weather can also have an effect on car accidents happening. If a vehicle is ill-equipped to handle slippery roads, a collision can occur and people can become injured. Drivers should also be careful driving in rain, snow, sleet, ice, wind and fog by slowing down, using their headlights and giving plenty of room between their vehicle and the one ahead of them.