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New bill seeks continuation of veterans’ benefit tool


Benefits available to individuals from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs are not handouts. They are hard-earned entitlements, with many servicemembers assuming material risks and paying a dear price for their protections. Texas residents know that especially well, given the state’s prominent patriotism and outsized veteran population.

The pro-veteran and military supportive Killeen law firm of Michalk, Beatty & Alcozer represents former military members with passion and commitment in VA-related matters. We stress on our website that, if you served the country, “you deserve to receive the benefits you earned as a veteran.”

That viewpoint is strongly on display in the thrust and language of legislation recently introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives. That would-be law is entitled the Veterans Benefits Fairness and Transparency Act.

The informally termed House Resolution 6493 does not seek to confer any new rights on veterans. Its intent is instead to safeguard an existing veterans’ prerogative that the VA recently stated would soon be withdrawn. Proponents of HR 6493 strenuously object to that.

What they oppose is the projected discontinuation of a disability benefits questionnaire that the government has made available to disabled vets on the VA website. The DBQ enables vets and their providers to quickly and easily submit case-supportive data to claim examiners.

Why the VA seeks to withdraw the questionnaire is not exactly clear. What is manifest, though, is that veterans and those assisting them vehemently oppose any attempt to take away a tool of proven utility.

HR 6493 is in an early stage of consideration, with several hurdles to clear en route to its potential passage as new law.

Questions regarding military service-linked benefits can be directed to an experienced team of veterans’ benefits attorneys.