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Seasonal injury risk focus turns to water-linked events


Modern life is fast-paced and frenetic. Successfully negotiating it requires the exercise of due care and fundamental prudence across many dimensions.

One of those is injury prevention. Of course, most of us don’t step out the door each morning to confront an unending series of potential dangers. Still, there are enough injury catalysts in daily life to duly sound some alarm bells.

We note that reality at the proven Central Texas personal injury law firm of Michalk, Beatty & Alcozer in Killeen. We spotlight on our website multiple injury causes that link directly to third-party negligence. Those range broadly from motor vehicle crashes and medical malpractice incidents to hostile workplaces, construction site accidents and more.

Like water-related mishaps, for example, which are currently an understandable focus for state regulators as summer rapidly approaches.

Texans do like getting recreational time out on state waterways when they can. That is amply evidenced by statistics relevant to the just-concluded Memorial Day holiday. Reportedly, state enforcement officials issued nearly 1,200 citations for water-tied safety infractions over the extended weekend. And they coupled that with an equal amount of warnings.

Notably, scores of people were arrested for driving drunk and on boating-while-intoxicated charges.

All those numbers spell concerns for the collective safety of many thousands of Texas individuals and families. On-the-water negligence or casual indifference toward safety can reap serious or even fatal results in an instant.

Summer is now fast approaching, with the lure of fun and leisure on Texas’ many lakes and rivers being irresistible to many.

That merits a due focus on caution and safe behavior at all times.