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How to file a veteran disability claim in Texas


For many injured service members, the process of filing for disability benefits can be a complex undertaking. Despite the time it may take, claiming your benefits can be beneficial for you and your family for years to come. If you are struggling with getting your disability benefits approved, continue to read below for some vital information.

How to file a claim

Prior to separating from the armed forces, you should submit a disability claim into the Integrated Disability Evaluation System. After you submit the information, you will undergo exams to determine the extent of your physical limitations. Once completed, you will have a VA Disability Rating. This rating links your benefit income to your physical disabilities.

When you submit your information during the second step of the process, there will be numerous forms for you to fill out. You can choose to submit your claim via mail or online. As you prepare to submit your claim, know that you can submit it within 90 days prior to your date of discharge or after you have separated from the service.

Appealing the decision

Should you disagree with your rating, you may want to appeal the decision. You can appeal the decision by submitting new conditions to the veterans’ disability process. You can only submit one new claim at a time, and this can be time-consuming.

Filing for veterans’ disability benefits can help you and your family financially for many years to come after your active-duty service comes to an end. Working through the process and understanding your rights to an appeal could make all the difference in the income you will receive for your deserved benefits.