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Can I get additional VA disability for deteriorating health?


Many medical conditions can get become progressively worse. If you have suffered from a condition that has allowed you to receive veterans’ disability benefits, you don’t have to make do with the amount originally awarded. Texas residents can petition the VA for an increase in benefits if they can prove that their medical condition has gotten worse or health has deteriorated.

How to approach the VA for an increase

Veterans have three options to request an increase in benefits. These are to:

  • Request compensation for a new disability
  • File for an increase for an existing one
  • Disagree with your current disability rating

Requesting compensation for a new VA disability is the most common course of action when you develop new symptoms or have been previously denied. Filing for an increase is similar to filing for an initial claim, but you must provide proof that your condition has become worse. The third alternative involves filing a Notice of Disagreement with the VA which can allow you to change your rating to get additional benefits.

The VA re-evaluates your claim

When you file for an increase in your rating, you’re essentially re-opening your case for evaluation. although you stand to benefit from a possible increase in benefits, the opposite can happen too. The VA could decrease your award or even terminate it if they determine that you have not justified your request. The longer you have had your benefits, the less likely it is that the VA will terminate your claim.

Ensuring you get an increase

The process for getting VA disability benefits can be tricky. If you’re missing one essential piece of information, your claim could be denied. Taking the time to assemble the proper information to document a growing or additional disability or deteriorating health is crucial in getting an increase in your benefits rating.