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Helpful advice for filing a VA claim


Texas military veterans that are thinking about submitting their first claim for disability likely have many questions and concerns regarding the process. When you’re dealing with a big organization like the military, it can feel extremely overwhelming.

Guidelines to know from the start

When you’re filing a VA disability claim, there are few general guidelines that you’ll want to follow. The first is that you always want to be open to Communications. If you have questions, simply pick up the phone and talk to the VA to get the information you need. If you’re not sure how to submit paperwork, simply ask for help or check out the online resources.

You should appoint yourself a representative. While you may be thinking of hiring an attorney to do this, that’s usually not necessary. Many veteran organizations like the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars have service officers who can assist you throughout the claims process to make it easier. Also, if you’ve been treated by a doctor outside of the VA, it’s a good idea to collect those documents and submit them alongside your application. This will help to speed up the process for your claim.

Your current military status will determine how your claim is submitted

If you’re currently still on active duty and need to file a claim, there will be a Benefit Delivery At Discharge or BDD program at your installation. you’ll need to be within 60 to 180 days from leaving active duty. You’ll undergo your examinations prior to being discharged from the military so that you can get the help that you need. If you have less than 60 days on active duty, you’ll want to start a Quick Start claim at one of the dedicated facilities so that you can get assistance.