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Alcohol, drug use common among truck drivers


While on the road, you have likely seen many truck drivers. These drivers have professional obligations to meet, and they spend much of their lives on the road trying to get from one destination to the next. Some people may think that truckers have it easy just sitting behind the wheel all day, but the strain of their jobs have serious side effects.

For many, being on the road for so long can cause stress, loneliness, depression, fatigue and many other issues that could affect the way they drive. Unfortunately, to combat many of these undesirable feelings, some truck drivers turn to alcohol or drugs for various reasons. This not only puts their own well-being at risk but also the well-being of you and others on the road.

Stress of the job

Though driving may seem like an easy enough job, the life of a trucker is not an easy one. Most truck drivers are expected to drive approximately 500 miles every day for eight days straight. They often drive in difficult weather conditions, in heavy traffic and around other drivers who may not always use caution around big rigs. As a result, these truck drivers have to be focused at all times if they hope to drive safely. Of course, not all of them are as focused as they think.

When it comes to drug and alcohol use, it is a prevalent problem among truck drivers and the trucking industry as a whole. Studies show that using mind-altering substances is common among truck drivers, including the use of cocaine and amphetamines that many use in efforts to stay awake after hours and hours behind the wheel.

Negative effects

Though any substance abuse issue is a problem, you and other travelers are at serious risk if the truckers around you on the road have drugs or alcohol in their system. They could suffer side effects like agitation, hallucinations, fatigue and more issues that could greatly impair their ability to drive safely. As a result, you could find yourself seriously injured if an impaired truck driver causes an accident that involves your vehicle.

If this happens to you, the incident could change your life forever. Undoubtedly, you would want to hold the liable parties accountable for the harm they caused, and you can file a personal injury claim may be able to help you do that. This legal action may allow you to seek compensation for damages allowable under Texas law.