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An accident with a truck may be the worst kind


Residents of Texas may want to learn more about why an accident with a commercial truck may be the most devastating emotionally, physically and financially. This is due to how a large truck operates.

Size matters

According to the National Law Review, most passenger cars weigh about 5,000 pounds. On the other hand, the maximum weight for a semi-truck is 80,000 pounds when not overweight or oversized.

It’s easy to see the difference and the possible results when this monster collides with a smaller vehicle. Trucks have wider turns as well as less visibility compared to cars. In bad weather, a truck may be more difficult to control.

Negligence may be the reason

Commercial trucks have electronic logging devices to record the number of hours that truckers drive. This is for roadside inspection as well as records for the trucking company. Such records may be used in a lawsuit to show that a trucker was negligent.

Sometimes, truck drivers are racing to meet schedules and cause accidents; such drivers should be held accountable. However, behind-the-scenes conditions also allow for accidents. Maintaining the truck, training drivers properly and not allowing truckers to work when tired are the responsibility of the company. Trucks must also adhere to state and federal regulations.

Paying claims is the last thing on an insurer’s mind

Not only may you be hurting physically and emotionally after a truck crash, but obtaining payment for your injuries from insurance companies could be difficult as they try to protect their financial interests. They may hand over a payout, but it is never wise to accept this money without the advice of a trusted attorney versed in this type of law.

If you have been in an accident with a truck driver, a knowledgeable attorney may help you sort out these legal matters. The attorney may be at your side throughout the process of negotiating for a settlement that covers your injuries and damages.