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Just how vulnerable is the motorcycling public?


Very vulnerable, indeed.

That is the only accurate answer that can be given to today’s above-posed Michalk, Beatty & Alcozer blog post headline.

We state the obvious on a page of the firm’s website addressing biker challenges and risks, namely this: “Motorcyclists face unique dangers on the road.”

Those are many and varied. A pothole on a street or highway has potential implications for a motorcycle rider far different from those posed to the driver of a big commercial truck. Inclement weather breeds singular risks for bikers and their passengers. So does traffic density, animals crossing the road, a construction zone and faulty roadway design.

One element stands out especially large, though, in any discussion of road risks for motorcyclists. That is preventable human error, specifically the negligent behind-the-wheel behavior of other drivers in passenger vehicles.

Third-party carelessness comes in many forms, with the repercussions being routinely dire for bikers in legions of instances. A recent article on that topic spotlights the devastating impact often resulting from things like speeding and drunk driving. And it notably underscores the especially elevated risk for motorcyclists that features when drivers in four-wheel and larger vehicles make sudden left-hand turn turns in front of motorcyclists.

Accident victims in Texas needn’t suffer the adverse effects of other drivers’ negligence passively, especially in cases where lives are turned upside down by ongoing pain and therapy, economic dislocation and other jarring factors.

An empathetic and aggressive legal team with a demonstrated record of strong client advocacy can help an accident victim fight for justice and maximum compensation in the wake of an adverse road outcome.