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Health pandemic especially spotlights one estate planning focus


The unprecedented COVID-19 virus pandemic has fundamentally altered life for virtually all Americans, at least over the near term. Texas authorities have joined with other state regulators spanning the county in crafting stay-home and linked policies aimed at dramatically curbing the virus’ spread and clawing back a sense of social normalcy.

Businesses across the state have understandably made material adjustments during this singular time, including law firms that interact closely with the general public.

That centrally includes the long-established and deeply rooted Central Texas law firm of Michalk, Beatty & Alcozer, with offices in both Killeen and Temple that cater to diverse and valued clients.

We want the individuals and families who rely upon our unwavering commitment and passion to note this important point concerning our representation: Although things are obviously different from what is usual presently, our deep legal team continues to interact closely with clients and seek optimal outcomes in the matters they entrust to us.

One of those matters relates to estate planning. That is of course a key and varied legal realm, and one in which MBA attorneys devote close attention on behalf of individual and family planners. A recent national article underscores that many persons presently are increasingly focused on one discrete dimension of planning, namely execution of relevant powers of attorney.

That is unsurprising. The element of uncertainty tied to COVID-19 has spawned a desire in many people to appoint trusted persons to manage key financial and health care concerns for them in the event they become incapacitated.

Understandably, questions might arise with that in a given case. Attorneys from a proven estate planning and administration law firm stand ready to answer them and to provide on-point and effective legal counsel.