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Veterans benefits: entitlements earned through honorable service


Today’s Michalk, Beatty & Alcozer blog post leads with a query centrally directed to a Texas audience.

That is this: Why — if at all — should questions surrounding military service benefits spell a front-burner concern for residents spanning the state?

It certainly doesn’t take much thought to respond to that, does it? Texans know immediately why veterans benefits are a big deal across the largest state in the continental United States.

Communities across Texas are intimately connected to military installations and veteran populations. Members in families throughout the state are active or former servicemembers. Legions of residents come from family trees that have proudly spawned military personnel for generations.

Here’s a notable number concerning Texans and military service from a government publication: Reportedly, 164,234 Texans were either active duty or reserve members of the nation’s Armed Forces during a recent measuring period. Only California topped that number.

Killeen is obviously a locale where military service is manifestly on display, with Fort Hood dominating the local landscape as one of the American military’s most populous installations.

Michalk, Beatty & Alcozer’s deep legal team  has proudly served veterans and their families for many years, promoting their rights and legal interests across a broad universe of subject matter.

One of those areas is veterans entitlements/benefits, an obviously key topic for many vets who have honorably served the country. We stress on our firm’s website that many of those individuals “put their lives on the line for others” and have suffered personal injuries and related detriment because of their service.

No doubt attaches whatever to the reasonable view that veterans denied benefits — especially but not limited to service-linked disability compensation — should have ready access to empathetic, aggressive and knowledgeable legal representation.

That is what we provide at Michalk, Beatty & Alcozer, being honored by the opportunity to serve as legal counsel for veterans and their family members in need.

We will focus in depth on our veterans’ representation in future blog posts. We hope that our readers across Texas find our entries to be routinely informative and personally relevant.