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Aggressive Divorce Representation

Divorce issues can be very straightforward, and they can also be complex. When children are involved, the issues can be even more complicated. When your family’s changing needs require assistance from an attorney, choose to work with the law firm of Michalk, Beatty & Alcozer, L.P.

Our firm has been serving clients throughout Texas for more than 25 years. We are a respected and well-known firm that provides representation for men and women in a wide range of family law matters. Once we have a clear understanding of your individual case, we take an assertive approach to resolving the issue. You can count on us for support and guidance throughout all steps of the legal process.

Divorce Process

The divorce process does not have to be long and drawn out. When you work with the experienced Killeen divorce lawyers at Michalk, Beatty & Alcozer, L.P., we work to make the process as seamless as possible. We handle divorce and all related matters, including:

  • Spousal maintenance (alimony): The lawyers at our firm will evaluate whether you are entitled to pay or receive spousal support and assist with temporary spousal support matters.
  • Custody and visitation: We can help with the process of determining custody, establishing a visitation schedule and other matters such as enforcements, child support, and modifications to custody and visitation schedules.

Military Divorce

At Michalk, Beatty & Alcozer, L.P., we have significant experience representing people in military divorce matters. We are familiar with the differences in the legal process, including the differences in matters involving retirement accounts, support obligations, and determining custody and visitation. We are here to answer your questions and will protect your interests during the divorce process.

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