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Where are the most dangerous intersections in Killeen?


When you are driving on your way to work, to school or around town as you complete your list of errands, you may not realize that your risk for harm could increase depending on which intersections you pass. In Killeen, Texas, there are certain intersections where there is a higher likelihood of an accident occurring. If you drive through this area regularly, you will benefit from knowing where these are so that you can stay as safe as possible.

Even if you are a safe and cautious driver, you are still vulnerable to the actions and choices of others. If another driver acts recklessly or negligently, they could place you and others in your vehicle in harm’s way. If this happens to you, the other driver may be liable for the physical injuries you suffered, as well as your financial losses.

Places to exercise caution

There are numerous factors that could contribute to the likelihood that an accident could happen. Speeding is a common reason for car accidents, as is drunk driving. Recently, distracted driving has become a prevalent concern, as is aggressive driving. All of these reasons can lead to accidents in intersections, as well as following too closely, failure to yield the right-of-way, ignoring traffic signals and more. In Killeen, the following are considered the most dangerous intersections:

  • South W.S. Young Drive and Central Texas Expressway had 33 in one recent year.
  • Rosewood and CTE saw 60 accidents.
  • South W.S. Young Drive and CTE had 33 accidents.
  • Trimmier Road and CTE saw 26 accidents.
  • Stan Schlueter Loop and CTE had 59 accidents

Intersections of Central Texas Expressway seem to be more dangerous than others with 80 accidents in a single year. If you are driving through this area, you will benefit from exercising caution as you share the road with other drivers who may not be focused on safety and the rules of the road. This is especially important during busier times of day, such as when there are more commuters sharing the road.

After an accident

If you are suffering after an accident caused by another driver, you will find the aftermath of the accident, including dealing with insurance and paying your medical bills, to be complicated and overwhelming. Thankfully, there are options for recourse available to you. Through the Texas civil justice system, you may be able to recoup your losses and seek justice through a civil claim.