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The long-term effects of skull fractures on your life


Severe head trauma can result in a skull fracture that affects the rest of your life. In addition to serious health problems, you may accumulate months or years of medical bills and living expenses, especially after losing your livelihood in Texas. There are numerous effects that a head fracture injury can have on you.

Severe health problems

The immediate effects of a skull fracture are minor to severe health problems. A fracture may injure the brain tissue and cause internal bleeding or swelling. The injured brain tissue may be permanently damaged and result in severe headaches, memory loss, loss of speech, paralysis and other symptoms.

Permanent brain damage

A depressed skull fracture will push the skull inward and apply pressure onto the brain. The result is a hemorrhage or damage to the tissues, which requires surgery. Permanent brain damage results when the tissue becomes infected or dies before an effective treatment occurs. The patient may be placed at the risk of permanent mental and physical impairments.

Legal claims

A skull fracture is often the result of an injury from a car accident or a slip and fall. If a traumatic brain injury occurs, the injured person can file a personal injury claim against the party that caused the accident. The costs of recovering from your skull fracture might be reimbursed in a court judgement or settlement.

Understanding your options after a head injury

Severe forms of head trauma affect your mental and physical well-being for life. For an indefinite period of time, you’ll have significant expenses to pay for during your recovery period. However, there are options available to you after a severe accident to seek compensation for all those expenses.