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When tires fall off trucks


While walking or riding in Texas, you expect to be safe. However, it’s possible to suffer serious injuries or even death when a tire flies off a commercial truck. This is a problem that’s rarely discussed with truck accidents.

What are the main causes of tires flying off trucks?

Accidents involving tires falling off trucks are usually preventable. Unfortunately, while these types of truck accidents aren’t often discussed, they occur and leave devastation in their wake. Common reasons for tires flying off of trucks include the following:

• Broken or rusted axels
• Wheel failure or wheel fastener failure
• Poor maintenance of the truck or no maintenance at all
• Defective components or improper installation of truck parts
• Hub separations

Often, these problems occur when there is a lack of proper maintenance to the truck. In some cases, the truck might not be maintained at all, leading to a tire flying off of it and causing serious, catastrophic injuries to other drivers, passengers or pedestrians. In the worst-case scenario, a person can be killed by the tire.

Who is liable in an accident involving tires flying off trucks?

Which party is liable in an accident involving tires flying off of trucks depends on the circumstances. However, in many cases, the trucking company could be held liable in a personal injury lawsuit or wrongful death suit. If the trucking company is responsible for properly maintaining its trucks and a tire falls from one of them while it’s traveling, a victim could name it in their claim.

Sometimes, the truck driver could also be liable as they are often required to inspect their vehicles every few miles traveled. However, the truck manufacturer or the manufacturer of the parts of the truck might also be liable if the problem occurred as a result of a defect.

It’s important to get all the facts of why the incident occurred. If you’ve been injured by a tire that flew off a truck, hold the at-fault party liable for your damages.