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Spotting and avoiding distracted drivers


Distracted drivers are potentially a hazard to themselves and to others who share Texas roads and highways with them. Fortunately, there are clues that you can look for to determine if someone is operating a motor vehicle while distracted by a phone, passenger or cup of coffee.

Lane departures

A driver who is paying attention will generally have no problem staying in one lane. However, someone who is looking at a phone instead of the road is more likely to meander between multiple lanes or even drive off of the road. There is also a chance that someone who is looking at the road while lost in thought may make a lane change without signaling or take other actions that a focused driver would not.

Obvious distractions

If you notice a vehicle braking erratically, it may be because the driver is struggling to keep pace with traffic. The same may be true if you see a vehicle that is accelerating randomly on a road or highway. Increasing your following distance or making a lane change may reduce your risk of being involved in a motor vehicle accident caused by someone who is distracted.

Lingering at a light

Someone who is lost in thought or talking on a cellphone may not notice that the light has turned green. A distracted motorist may also linger at a stop sign or otherwise fail to start moving again when it is their turn to do so.

If your car is struck by another vehicle, you may incur significant financial losses. However, if you can prove that the crash was caused by the other motorist, it may be possible to obtain compensation to help pay medical bills and other damages. Cellphone records, witness statements and other documents may help prove that the defendant was responsible for the accident that resulted in bodily injury or property damage.