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Women and car accident injuries


Car accidents account for an unfortunate number of deaths and injuries each year. Data compiled from crash sites often reveals common reasons for crashes and demographic breakdowns of those harmed in the collisions. Upon reviewing the tragic statistics from Texas incidents, some may wonder if women are more prone than men to suffer worse injuries.

Women and car crash injuries

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety looked at various accident reports and data and discovered women find themselves at a greater risk of severe injury. The key point here is injury severity, as more men suffer injuries in collisions. However, women may suffer worse injuries.

One reason women could suffer worse harm is due to vehicle choice. Women tend to purchase smaller vehicles which provide less protection. Men are more frequently listed as the driver who collided with another vehicle, and the vehicle hit by another car could suffer from a worse impact.

Injuries, accidents, and negligence

Accidents and injuries take many forms. Rear-end motor vehicle accidents happen all too often, and some incidents are far from minor. A rear-end collision could lead to severe whiplash, where the neck ligaments suffer trauma. Whiplash might be painful and take significant time to heal fully.

Tragically, a rear-end collision might cause a spinal injury, resulting in permanent disabilities. Negligence frequently causes such crashes, with distractions and tailgating at the top of the list.

Both men and women might deal with multiple injuries and many financial losses. Medical expenses could accrue, and time off from work could add further financial stress. A civil lawsuit might help an accident victim receive compensation. A well-publicized judgment could even discourage others from violating traffic laws or driving recklessly on roads.