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Why do truck accidents occur?


If your vehicle is struck by a large truck while traveling in Texas, you may sustain a variety of serious injuries. There is also a good chance that your car will be severely damaged as well. Therefore, it’s important that you take proactive steps to minimize your risk of being involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle.

Look out for signs of fatigued driving

A commercial vehicle that has trouble maintaining its lane is likely being operated by a fatigued driver. Drowsy truckers may also make lane changes without warning, randomly come to a stop or make turns with little warning. Ideally, you will increase your following distance so that you can take evasive action if necessary.

Excessive speed is a common factor in highway accidents

It isn’t uncommon to see vehicles driving faster than the posted speed limit. However, it’s critical to make space for a commercial vehicle that is driving too fast for road conditions. This is because it will be difficult for a large truck to stop, slow down or swerve around any objects that might be in its path.

Vehicle maintenance issues can cause crashes to occur

Worn tires, faulty brakes or inadequate lighting may all be factors in highway accidents caused by commercial vehicles. If you are struck by a truck that wasn’t properly maintained, it may be in your best interest to contact a personal injury attorney. An attorney could obtain maintenance records, driver statements or other evidence that might indicate that the owner of the vehicle knew about a defect before the crash happened.

A tired, impaired or speeding driver may be considered negligent in causing an accident that results in bodily injury or property loss. An attorney may be able to help you obtain a settlement that allows you to pay medical bills, recoup lost wages and cover other expenses incurred.