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Some fundamental talk concerning estate planning


“Letting go can be difficult,” writes a financial planner penning a recent article for an online publication.

“Try to make it easier for those who remain,” Buz Livingston adds.

Livingston’s focus relative to those statements is on estate planning, which comprises subject matter that many Texans and other individuals and families spanning the country often fail to timely and proactively address.

For evidence of that, Livingston cites evidence underscoring the 50%-plus of Americans who reportedly have never drafted a will. That legal instrument is – for most people who eventually do get around to planning – a key and most fundamental document.

The reasons why people procrastinate in their estate planning are many and varied. Livingston’s purpose in writing is not to harangue or shame them, but, rather, to simply motivate them. Taking tailored and reasoned estate planning action at any juncture is a positive development. Moreover, and as noted above, it is strategy that can promote the lives and well-being of loved ones both presently and in the future.

We prominently note that on our website at the established Texas estate planning law firm of Michalk, Beatty & Alcozer in Killeen. We duly stress therein that “is never too early or too late” to take sound planning steps that will benefit a planner and also family members across subsequent generations.

An experienced and empathetic legal team can fundamentally help with the process.  Proven estate planning attorneys can provide solid input on matters ranging broadly from asset preservation, legal tax avoidance and family inheritances to business succession, charitable giving and a host of other concerns.