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Are you eligible for VA disability benefits?


Even if you never saw battle during your military service, your enlistment demonstrated that you were ready to face danger to uphold the freedoms of our nation. During the course of your service, you faced countless risks, each with many opportunities for you to suffer serious or debilitating injuries.

If you returned home with an injury or illness resulting from your military training or active duty service, you may be fighting a different kind of battle while trying to obtain disability benefits from the Veterans Administration. Since these benefits may be critical to your financial stability, especially if you are struggling to pay medical expenses and can no longer work, understanding the application process and where to turn for help is critical.

Do you qualify?

For some veterans, eligibility for benefits may be relatively simple. An injury suffered in the service of duties qualifies them for compensation. However, you may have a pre-existing condition, such as a back injury, that your service exacerbated to the point of disability. On the other hand, exposure to certain chemicals or toxins may not show symptoms for some time after you complete your service. You may have a challenge proving these relate to your military service.

You may have other challenges when trying to qualify for benefits through the VA. For example, if the military discharged you dishonorably, the VA will not approve your application. However, you may have a strong case for having your discharge upgraded to improve your eligibility for disability benefits. It may be worth exploring with an attorney.

How much compensation will I receive?

The VA uses a complex formula to rate your disability. Using the information you supply during the application process as well as the results of a medical exam and other information, the VA designates a rating to your disability, then calculates the amount of compensation you will receive each month. Certain factors may affect your monthly payment amount, such as having more than one disabling injury or condition, losing a limb in the service of your country, or having family members who depend on your income.

It is understandable if you feel overwhelmed by the process of applying and qualifying for disability benefits through the VA. Many Texas veterans find it a tremendous advantage to have the assistance of an attorney who understands veterans’ benefits and frequently works with service members to help them obtain what they deserve.