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Special considerations surrounding pedestrian accidents, injuries


The deep Central Texas legal team of Michalk, Beatty & Alcozer (with offices in both Killeen and Temple) advocates with passion and demonstrated results on behalf of injured parties across the state.

We note our commitment to do so succinctly on the firm’s website, noting therein that, “We stand up for the victims of accidents.” Our attorneys’ collective experience spans decades and spans the virtual universe of personal injury matters. That ranges broadly from injuries tied to motor vehicle crashes and medical malpractice acts/omissions to premises liability incidents (e.g., slip and fall), work-related mishaps and more.

Perhaps the most vulnerable demographic of all when it comes to personal injuries suffered owing to third-party negligence comprises pedestrians. People simply out walking are always at some risk, with potential downsides spiking sharply when motorized vehicles are operating close by or even in their midst.

We perhaps state the obvious at our firm when we stress that, although all vehicle accidents can be dangerous, “getting hit by a car as a pedestrian is especially violent.”

What is perhaps not as well noted by many pedestrians injured because of another party’s negligence is that an aggressive legal team can help them secure a meaningful remedy in the wake of that carelessness. Injured pedestrians frequently – and for obvious reasons – suffer especially devastating consequences. Those can range from traumatic brain injuries and internal bleeding to bone fractures, spinal cord complications and additional ailments. Help is often needed during what is sometimes a lengthy and difficult recovery period.

Recovering maximum money damages can greatly promote that recovery. Injured parties who respond proactively with help from practiced attorneys typically feel empowered through taking action and demanding accountability. A maximum recovery also secures financial help that can be applied to medical expenses and rehabilitation/therapy costs, compensate for loss wages, attend to family needs and more.

We welcome contacts to our firm from any Texas resident having questions or concerns about injuries suffered as a pedestrian or as the result of any other personal injury cause.