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MADD: Texas the top entrant on an undesirable list


This calculation supplied by the Texas Department of Transportation prominently leads a recent media report and is just startling for its sadness and implications.

The DOT stunningly notes that, “Every 20 minutes, someone on a Texas roadway is injured or killed in an accident involving alcohol.”

That is flatly tragic, of course. And it is rendered even more woeful by the glaring fact that drunk driving-linked accidents are entirely preventable.

That truth is more frightening than comfortable to Texans negotiating state roads and freeways who know that some drivers will drive under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs regardless of the magnified danger they present for others.

The above-cited article spotlights the expressed concerns of MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the nation’s foremost anti-DUI advocacy group). Officials from that organization sadly point out that Texas tops the list nationally in a most undesirable category, namely, road deaths involving drunk drivers. MADD states that a nearly incomprehensible 1,438 DUI-linked roadway fatalities occurred in the state in a recent year. Extrapolated, that equates to about four deaths per day – every day of the calendar year.

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