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Injuries you could suffer in a car accident


Not all car accidents are fatal, but even those that seem minor can have long-term consequences. Even when no physical injuries occur, the trauma and mental distress of the incident can cause serious harm.

There is the concern that some of the injuries you suffered could have hidden symptoms that only become evident later, leaving your health at risk without your knowledge. For that reason, it is crucial to undergo a medical examination after any auto accident.

Common injuries suffered in car accidents

While pieces of broken glass can cause scrapes and cuts, and loose items in the car can create bruises if they strike you, other significant injuries could be life-altering. The following major injuries could have severe consequences:

  • Back, neck and chest injuries: These are more common in front seat passengers and milder injuries include bruising of your chest and neck and back sprains or strains. More severe injuries can include fractures of the ribs, spine and collarbone, along with injuries to cervical bones and discs or shoulder dislocation.
  • Head and brain trauma:
    • These injuries can range from mild bruises, scars and concussion to severe brain trauma that includes bleeding and swelling – even with no skull fracture. Physical injuries can be severe, and nerve damage, hearing and vision loss, and other brain injuries could leave you with permanent disabilities.
  • Joint and extremity injuries: Crushing injuries to your joints and extremities can include anything from mild sprains and strains to severely torn ligaments or bone fractures. Knee, ankle, shoulder and hip dislocations can occur, as well as arm and leg fractures.
  • Internal organ damage: Rib fractures can cause puncture wounds to the organs located in your chest. Damage to your spleen, lungs, aorta, heart, liver, kidney and bowels can remain hidden for days, and swelling or dark bruises might be telltale signs of internal injuries that could be life-threatening.
  • Psychological Injuries: Emotional distress can lead to a post-traumatic stress disorder, especially if the accidents caused you to suffer severe emotional trauma. This could also follow if a loved one suffered severe injuries or died in the crash.

Along with the physical and emotional consequences of your car accident, you will likely also have to deal with financial challenges because medical treatment and therapy can be costly. You might be unable to return to work, and if you suffered permanent disabilities, modifications to your living quarters might be necessary.

How will you cope?

If another person’s negligence caused your accident, you could pursue claims for financial relief. An experienced Texas personal injury attorney can provide the necessary support and guidance, and help you to recover past and future crash-related damages.