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Killeen above average in terms of safe driving


According to a recent report which is compiled annually and which was picked up by local media outlets, Killeen ranked 73rd out of 200 cities across the county of significant size when it comes to safe driving habits.

Another Texas city ranked as the city with the safest drivers, while a city on the eastern seaboard ranked worst.

The report considered claims reporting damaged vehicles because of collisions and came up with its ranking based on an analysis of those numbers.

Not all is rosy, however, when it comes to car accidents in the Killeen area. For one, according to the same report, residents of Killeen actually report auto insurance claims more frequently than average. While the average time between claims nationwide is a decade, Killeen residents have to report claims less than once every 9 years.

Moreover, last year, and according to the Texas Department of Transportation, there were more than 2,000 accidents in the area. Of those accidents, 15 ended with at least one fatality and 66 ended with at least one person suffering a serious injury.

While it is good to know that the roads in the Killeen area may be relatively safe, there is always room for improvement. Accidents do happen in and around Killeen and Fort Hood and, as the statistics show, people can get serious hurt or even killed in these accidents.

On these occasions, a victim may be able to recover compensation from the responsible party by filing a personal injury cause of action. Likewise, the families of victims who die in car accidents may be able to get compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit.